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As a fence gets older, it may need repairs or may even need to be replaced. It can be difficult to know who to trust to help. If this sounds like you, then Advanced Fence & Gate is your trusted solution.  For many years, Advanced Fence & Gate has helped the Chicago area residential homes and businesses with their much needed repairs and installations.  Today, we are known to be Chicago’s most reliable and trusted fence contractors in the area.  This has to do with our high quality workmanship and dedication to our customer’s complete satisfaction.  Whether you need a fence repaired or even need a fence replaced, Advanced Fence & Gate is the company you can trust to get the job done.  When it comes to fence selection, we have the best compared to our competitors.  No one has more varieties of residential and commercial fences than we do!  It is said that the one fence standing the test of time is the chain link fence.  No matter what is needed whether it is for your home or your business, chain link fences are the most beneficial.  It will provide with the needed privacy and security that is cost effective.  Advanced Fence & Gate’s chain link fences are made of the best quality materials and they can be customized with a variety of different finishes and colors to match you’re the exterior of the home or business. One of the benefits of the chain link fencing is it can include privacy slats for those who want the most privacy.   Oak Park residents and business owners have been calling Advanced Fence & Gate about switching what they have currently with our one-of-a-kind chain link fencing.  They have taken advantage of the benefits of our chain link fencing and you will find the same benefits of it too!

Oak Park Chain Link Fence

Oak Park, Illinois is a suburb bordering the west side of the city of Chicago in Cook County. It is the twenty-fifth largest municipality in Illinois, and has easy access to downtown Chicago. The population is over 51,878. The median income for a household in the village was $74,614, and the median income for a family was $103,840.Given Oak Park’s population and high number of businesses, it’s no wonder there is such a growing demand for fence contractors.  Luckily, Advanced Fence & Gate is here to fill that void.  Advanced Fence & Gate knows Oak Park, we know what Oak Park residents go through on daily basis and most of all, we know how to help them with their fence problems.  The most recent trend in Oak Park has been the switch to chain link fences.  Oak Park homeowners and business-owners alike have been making the switch.  Our chain link fencing provides your home with added security and privacy, all at a cost you can afford.  Our professional fence contractors will install your new chain link fence right the first time, so there is never any need to worry about ongoing maintenance and future repairs.  Many Oak Park residents have made the switch, not it’s your turn to!

Oak Park Composite Fence

Advanced Fence & Gate has every type of residential and commercial fence available.  We pride ourselves with what we offer our customers.  It doesn’t matter what type of fence you want, Advanced Fence & Gate is your one-stop shop for the best quality.  We have found composite fences to be most popular because they have a natural wood appearance and do not need any maintenance.  Advanced Fence & Gate offers a small variety of composite fencing.  The first one is our Fencescape composite fencing, which is not like anything else on the market.  Traditional fencing is 30-40% greater than Fencescape composite fencing, which will never need to be refinished.  The best benefit, our Fencescape composite fencing has the same design versatility that you would find even with a wood fence.  The second one is our composite Enclave fencing provided by FiberOn. The composite Enclave fencing by FiberOn does combine the natural look of wood with FiberOn’s one-of-a-kind composite technology.  Our composite Enclave fencing by FiberOn happens to be constructed with 75% recycled materials making it one of the greenest fences available on the market.  Our composite fencing is impressive!  Whether you choose a composite or chain link fence, Advanced Fence & Gate will have you covered with the best! Call our professionals today and speak with one of our fence contractors about your options.  They will be able to help you decide, which the best fence option for your needs is.  We are looking forward to talking to you.

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