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Chicago’s full-service, professional fence contractor is Advanced Fence & Gate. We provide local homeowners, contractors, landscapers, and architects with the best fence installation and repair in the area. We will have a solution for you no matter what you need. Throughout all of the years we have been in business, we have earned an outstanding reputation for our exceptional products and outstanding service. Your customer satisfaction means a lot to us and because of it we are always committed to providing the best service to all of our customers. We always guarantee that any fence installation and repair is always the best quality. You will end up finding out; our staff is known to be the most skilled and professional in the industry. To make sure of this, we always attend various seminars and trade shows to make sure we are kept updated on all of the newest innovations and products. We know of the importance of choosing the most appropriate and cost effective fence because it can be one of the major decisions you will ever need to make. This is why we are right there beside you to make sure you are completely satisfied with what you choose. Advanced Fence & Gate does specialize in residential fencing for the most part. We offer a variety of the most common vinyl, wood, and metal fences that are chosen by our customers. It just so happens, our wood fences one of our most popular products most selected. We carry eight different styles of wood fences, which each of the wood fences feature Western Red Cedar provided by Pacific Northwest. Western Red Cedar is known to be highly durable with its weather resistant treatments. Advanced Fence & Gate has one of the largest selections of wood fences found in the area. No matter what it is you happen to be wanting, we will custom-make a wood fence to meet your exact needs and wants. All of our wood fences are fully customized for any type of home.

Northbrook Wood Fence

The village of Northbrook, Illinois is located in Cook County, roughly 25 miles northwest of downtown Chicago. Northbrook has a total population of 33,170 residents, 9,676 families, and 12,203 households. Northbrook is a very diverse city. The median household income is $115,842 and the median family income is $133,813. Of the entire population, only 2.3% is below the poverty line. Given the significant economic constraints that people are facing, there are many home-owners who have used renovation as a great way to increase property value, and many Northbrook homeowners have begun to renovate their homes lately. At this time, Advanced Fence & Gate has seen a number of Northbrook homeowners installing wood fences than before. There are quite a bit of benefits of having wood fences like increasing the value of a property, provide additional security to the home, increase and enhance a home’s beauty, and absorb sound. All of our wood fences are designed with top-of-line Western Red Cedar and can certainly be customized to any of your specifications.

Northbrook Vinyl Fence

Advanced Fence & Gate carries beautiful picket vinyl fences, a selection of private vinyl fences, and several different semi-private vinyl fences, which can be easily fitted for any property. We not only carry a wide-variety of wood fences, but we also have a great selection of vinyl fences also. Our vinyl fences are known to be without needing any maintenance. You won’t ever need to be stained or painted, are environmentally safer, and they come with a manufacturer’s limited-lifetime warranty. We offer a variety of colors for our vinyl fences, which come in attractive white, tan, khaki, and wood grain colors. The main reason most of our customers choose vinyl fences is because they give their property a modern look to their properties. The professionals at Advanced Fence & Gate will design the most idea fence for you no matter what it is you are looking to have. Just give us a call today, so we can get you started!

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