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Do you need occasional fence repairs?  Do you think it is time to replace your existing fence, but don’t know who you can trust in helping you?  If this sounds like you, Advanced Fence & Gate is your best solution available.  For many years, the Chicago area homes and businesses have been able to depend on Advanced Fence & Gate with their fence installation and repairs.  Today, we are the Chicago areas most reliable and trusted fence contractors in the entire area.  This is because a large part is from our high quality workmanship and dedication to our satisfaction of our customers.  Whether a quick fence repair or an all-out replacement fence is needed, Advanced Fence & Gate is a company can trust and rely on.  When it comes it comes to fence selection, our competitors cannot even come close to what we offer.  There isn’t any company offering a variety of residential and commercial fences than what we offer.  The best fence that has continued to stand the test of time is the chain link fence.  Chain link fences are known to be the most beneficial for residential homes and businesses. They do provide privacy and security at a relatively much lower cost than others.  What makes Advanced Fence & Gate a better choice is the chain link fences are made of the best quality materials, and they can be customized with a variety of different finishes and colors to better match your home or business’s exterior.  Also, privacy slats are available with our chain link fencing for those who want the most privacy. There have been more Morton Grove residents and business owners lately who have called us at Advanced Fence & Gate to find out about switching to our one-of-a-kind chain link fencing.  They ended up taking advantage of the benefits of our chain link fencing and you should give it a try too.

Morton Grove Chain Link Fence

Morton Grove, Illinois, which was formerly known as Nile Center, is a village in the northeastern part of Cook County.  The term “Morton Grove” is derived from the Native American word for “fire”.  Although Morton Grove is located 15 miles northwest of Chicago’s Loop, it should share its southern border with Chicago.  Today, Morton Grove is home to over 63,000 residents.  It so happens to call itself “The World’s Largest Village”.  Within Morton Grove, there are over 23,000 distinct households.  Most of Morton Grove’s population earn somewhere around the city’s median household income of roughly $58,000 per year.  Morton Grove is also home to over 7,300 companies and businesses.  Given Morton Grove’s population and high number of businesses, it’s no wonder there is such a growing demand for fence contractors.  Luckily, Advanced Fence & Gate is here to fill that void.  Advanced Fence & Gate knows Morton Grove, we know what Morton Grove residents go through on daily basis, and most of all, we know how to help them with their fence problems.  The most recent trend in Morton Grove has been the switch to chain link fences.  Morton Grove homeowners and business-owners alike have been making the switch.  Our chain link fencing provides your home with added security and privacy, all at a cost you can afford.  Our professional fence contractors will install your new chain link fence right the first time, so there is never any need to worry about ongoing maintenance and future repairs.  Many Morton Grove residents have made the switch, not it’s your turn to!

Morton Grove Composite Fence

When you are looking for a large section of residential and commercial fences imaginable, Advanced Fence & Gate carries the most selection. We do take a lot of pride in our business.  It really doesn’t matter what type of fence you want because Advanced Fence & Gate is the only place you will need to stop at.  We have seen a growing number of composite becoming even more popular because they have a natural wood appearance and don’t have to worry about any maintenance.  Advanced Fence & Gate offers composite fencing in a few different types.  Our Fencescape composite fencing is one selection, which is not like anything else on the market.  Fencescape composite fencing happens to be 30-40% lighter than traditional fencing and it never needs to be refinished, which is why it is popular.  Our Fencescape composite fencing does have the same design versatility that you would have with our wood type fence.  Our composite Enclave fencing from FiberOn is our second one; FiberOn’s composite Enclave fencing does combine the natural look of wood with unique and popular composite technology.  Our FiberOn composite Enclave fencing is made of 75% recycled materials, which makes it one of the greenest fences available on the market.  Want to be impressed than our composite fencing is the best choice!  Whether you choose a chain link or a composite fence, Advanced Fence & Gate will have exactly what you are looking for.  Give us a call today to discuss with one of our fence contractors to find out what is best for your needs.  They will be able to help you decide which fence is best for you.  We are here looking forward to hearing from you today.

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