Advanced Fence & Gate Provides commercial fencing solutions to landscape contractors, home builders, general contractors, private businesses and management companies throughout the greater Chicago land area. We offer commercial fencing systems in chain link, aluminum, steel, and cedar. Our commercial gate systems come with options for both swing and slide gate versions. We currently offer guard rail and bollard systems to provide safety from vehicular damage to buildings and structures.

Gate systems:

  • Single swing
One leaf gate design for interior or exterior applications. These gates can be motorized depending on size. Interior gates can have panic bars installed and optional gate hardware depending on need.
  • Double Drive Gates
Larger dual swing gates used for parking lots and driveways. These gates can be motorized and installed in Chain Link, wood, and ornamental gate styles.
  • Cantilever Gates
Slide gate utilizing a system of rollers and tracks. These gates use a counterbalance design to support the gate. Cantilever gates can be motorized and come in chain link, wood, and ornamental gate styles.
  • Bollard systems
Weather you are protecting a building, fence, or equipment from traffic a bollard can be permanently installed or removable depending on need. They are available in many sizes and sleeve options.
  • Guardrail
For protection from unforeseen damage guardrail is the best option. Available in multiple heights this is a must have for vulnerable areas prone to vehicular damage.
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